Tips and Strategies For Playing Online Blackjack

Blackjack has as rich and storied a history as any type of gambling game. Many of today’s most successful gamblers got their start with blackjack. But you don’t need to be a professional gambler to enjoy the game. Its easy to learn, easy to play and it’s even easier now that you can play online.

Playing Online Blackjack

The nice thing about online blackjack is that your options are quite varied. When you go to a live casino, you might not even be able to find an open seat at a blackjack table. If you do, it may be for stakes higher than you wish to play. Perhaps you are looking for a double deck game and only six or eight deck games are available. At a live casino, you are out of luck, but online, you can find almost any type of game you want. Also, playing online offers you the opportunity to play for free or real money games. You won’t find many free tables at your local casino.

Online Blackjack Tips

Successful blackjack is ruled by basic strategy. Basic strategy normally needs to be memorized. Online, this is not the case. There are basic strategy charts for blackjack all over the Internet. Since you’re playing online blackjack, you can simply open one of these strategy charts up and have it by your game window whenever you play. Anytime the correct strategic move is in doubt, just take a quick look at the chart. Remember that different blackjack variations may require different strategy charts, so be sure the chart you find online is correctly matched up with the type of blackjack you are playing.

Getting Started with Online Blackjack

If you already are registered with an online casino, all you need to do is choose blackjack from the games menu to get started. If not, registering is a simple matter. Choose from the wide variety of online blackjack games from the many casinos on the net; there are online review sites to help you make your decision. When you find one you like, just follow the instructions to download the site, and then register for an account. Choose a method for getting money in and out of the site, and once your first deposit clears, you’re ready to go.

Learn to Play Craps – Tips and Strategies – Don’t Toss in the Towel

Be smart, play smart, and learn how to play craps the right way!

Over your craps-playing life, you’ll likely have more losing sessions than winners. Accept it. You must learn to play in reality, not fantasyland. Craps is designed for the player to lose.

Suppose, after two hours, the dice have whittled your chip stack down to $20. You haven’t seen a hot roll in ages. Although losing is as much a part of the game as winning, you can’t help but feel lousy. You wonder why you even bothered coming to Vegas in the first place. You were a rock for two hours, but it didn’t work. You want to win so badly that you lose control of your common sense. You’re down to your last $20 for the session and you have no fight left. Stop!

You must never capitulate, never surrender, never think, “This sucks, I’m going to put the rest on the Hard 4 and, if I lose, then I’ll leave. But if I win, I’ll be right back where I started.” That’s the dumbest thing you can do at the end of a losing session.

If you insist on giving your money away, please send it to your favorite charity. Don’t give it to the casino. Occasionally, you’ll win one of those idiotic bets, but don’t think you’ll win enough over time to conquer your losses.

If you can’t accept losing, you have no business gambling. If you can’t stomach losing a particular session, then quit that session and cash out. Don’t pee your money away on a terrible bet hoping to hit it big and get your money back all at once.

If it’s an awful session and you lose a lot quickly, then accept defeat and cash out with the $10, $15, or $20 that you have left. Take that remaining $20, go have a beer in the lounge, listen to the band. Put it in a nickel video poker machine and maybe hit a 1,000-coin jackpot for $50. Put it in your pocket, find your wife, and spend some time with her. Don’t relent. Do something besides pee your money away on a losing proposition bet. Don’t toss in the towel.

Now you know! Remember, learn how to play craps the right way.

Learn to Play Craps – Tips and Strategies – Attitude

Be smart, play smart, and learn how to play craps the right way!

If you gamble, chances are you’ll lose. No ifs, ands, or buts. You must understand and accept that fact. How do you think the Vegas casinos paid for all their fancy stuff? Of course! By taking money from all the millions of losers who flock to Vegas each year. You must treat craps as just another form of entertainment. Instead of paying $200 for a nice dinner and show, you pay $200 for a few hours of fun and excitement at the craps table. If you get lucky and walk away with some of your $200 still in your pocket, then that’s icing on the cake.

You must never walk up to a craps table expecting to win. You can be positive, have discipline, play smart, and hope to win, but you must not expect to win. No matter how hard you hope, you must always keep in the back of mind that the game is designed for you to lose. Don’t take it so seriously that it’s no longer fun. If you happen to walk away having won a few bucks, then your vacation was that much sweeter.

I don’t believe in all the psycho-babble mumbo-jumbo about how positive expectations can affect the outcome of your play. None of that mojo is going to make the dice land any differently than how they want to land. Yes, it’s important to maintain discipline, play smart, and be positive, but you must remain in reality. Reality is that the game is designed to beat you, no matter how hard you wish or expect to win. Any mind meld that you hope to make with the dice through positive mojo isn’t going to help. The reason for maintaining a positive attitude isn’t to affect the outcome of your play; it’s to help ensure you have fun.

Have discipline, play smart, and most importantly have fun. Otherwise, you’ll ruin your vacation by getting mad because you couldn’t beat a game that you were never supposed to beat.

If you don’t want to lose your shirt, you must learn the secret to craps. Don’t fall for bogus winning systems or ridiculous dice-setting claims.

Now you know! Remember, learn how to play craps the right way.